Damascus Technologies

We build great web software.  Check out this amazing vacation rental software.

How it's done

We emphasize light, web-friendly architecture.  We worry about accessibility and design just as much as function.  We don't believe in breaking the web, not even for weird requests.  We believe that weird requests can be un-weirded if the premise is rethought.


Custom software doesn't have to be expensive.  Our customers love what we do because, in part, we develop in an iterative and incremental fashion.  We put the important pieces in place first, which means that you can hit the ground running.  We don't want to be on your dime, we want to be on your customer's dime.

Managing expectations

We believe we are experts at what we do so we refuse projects where we can't make decisions about workflow and design.  We aren't code monkeys; we're code masons.  We turn away customers that won't let us do our job (if you have every detail of the project written out in advance, we probably aren't the right fit)

Start a conversation

Call us!  We love talking to new people, and we love talking about new projects.

This is the whole website?

No, we have a lot more to say but we're going through some changes and wanted to work on a better design.  While we build that, we figured this page would do for now.  If you want something more to read, check out our partners or our recommendations.